Cauliflower = Wallflower?

wallflower: a type of loner, seemingly shy folks who no one really knows, often some of the most interesting people if one actually talks to them.

Pity the poor cauliflower, she sits alone in the produce section, wrapped in cellophane, segregated from the other produce, pale in a world of greens, golds and reds. Cauliflower rhymes with wallflower … coincidence? … I think not.


So how do we bring out the personality in this seemingly boring vegetable? Very simply, we roast her. Roasting turns this wallflower into the belle of the ball, full of attitude, verve, and not the least … flavor! Rich, nutty, must have some more flavor. Best of all it’s very easy. It fits Poppy’s lazy gourmet style perfectly. Just cut up a head of cauliflower into florets with flat sides. The more contact with the baking sheet, the richer the flavor, hence the flat sides. Toss the florets in EVOO and spread on a foil lined baking sheet (unless you really enjoy scrubbing baking sheets). Make sure the florets are not stacked on each other, spread them out so each one has it’s chance in the roasting spotlight. Apply some ground black pepper and sea salt and we are good to go, it’s that easy.


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, then load in the cauliflower. Keep an eye on it, when it starts to brown on the bottom (10-15 minutes) then take a spatula and flip it over and roast another 10-15 minutes. The result is slightly browned, carmelized, and altogether delicious. Serve it as a side (with some fresh grated parmesan), toss it in some pasta, soup or salad … you can’t go wrong.

Viva la wallflower!


Humble Ham Gets Sassy!


Have you ever had an old friend that was as nice as they could be, very dependable, honest as the day is long, but so boring that after a few minutes with them you wanted to get up and run around the room screaming at the top of your lungs just to liven things up? I feel that way about the ham sandwich. Maybe it’s all those years of being handed a sack lunch that contained a bag of chips, a couple of cookies, and a sandwich constructed from a few thin pieces of ham, a slice of American cheese with a dab of mustard.

It’s time for ham to get sassy! Continue reading “Humble Ham Gets Sassy!”

Poppy’s “go-to” salad

Remember when “salad” meant a head of iceberg lettuce chopped up then drenched in some type of heavy dressing? That was lazy!

This is the new lazy … walk into the grocery store, head for the produce section and grab a container of fresh, washed, delicious greens.

Spring Mix Salad

I usually go for the “Spring Mix”, it will contain all or most of these; Baby Lettuces (Red & Green Romaine, Red & Green Oak Leaf, Red Leaf, Lollo Rosa, Tango, Butter Lettuce), Red & Green Chard, Mizuna, Arugula, Radicchio, and Baby Spinach.

This becomes your canvas, not a blank canvas, but a very colorful canvas … wonderful shades of green, red and even a little white. This earthy palette is especially appreciated during those bleak winter months here in the midwest when the predominant colors outside are grey and brown. Even the name, “Spring Mix”, gives us hope.

Now we start moving the dial from totally lazy and start heading toward the gourmet side.

I mix up a very simple dressing of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

“Poppy, how much EVOO and balsamic vinegar do you use”?

That’s a good question. Of course it depends on the quantity of greens used!

Perhaps more important than the quantity is the proportions. I like the bite of the vinegar, so my mix is close to 1 part vinegar to 2 parts EVOO. You may prefer something closer to a 3-1 ratio. Next I add a pinch of garlic salt or sometimes Cajun seasoning. All of this is mixed in a coffee mug.

“Poppy, why do you use a coffee mug”?

That’s a good question and it involves the next step in our salad prep, adding the red onion. For a small container of Spring Mix, I will slice half of a medium-sized red onion, cut the longer slices in half then drop the onion into the coffee mug and stir everything together. Since I mix up the dressing before beginning any other food prep, this gives the onions, vinegar, EVOO and spices time to hang out together, get acquainted, talk about old times, where they went to high school and talk trash about the jalapenos and banana peppers. By the time the salad is ready for tossing they are the best of friends.

Add the contents of your coffee mug to the salad right before serving and start tossing.

Next up is the cheese, most nights this is simply parmesan, a good wedge grated either fine or coarse, your choice. You could go the lazy route and just shake the cheese out of a plastic container ( I have done this ), but fresh grated cheese is much more flavorful and doesn’t contain extras like powdered cellulose, added to prevent the cheese from caking. Of course you are not limited to parmesan … experiment with other cheeses like crumbled feta or goat cheese. Toss again and add some fresh ground black pepper.

If you do nothing else, this will give you a great salad, but remember, this is a canvas, try some marinated artichoke hearts, or tomatoes, or toasted pine nuts, or brandy poached pears, or rotisserie chicken … or all of the above!

Zsa-Zsa the pug approves of this blog and would eat everything if allowed!
Zsa-Zsa the pug approves of this post and would eat everything if allowed!