A Chapter Turning (and a new blog)

My humble little blog started as “Poppy Cooks.” I love to putz around in the kitchen, experimenting, a dash of this, a pinch of that, but I rarely follow recipes and tend to wing it … perhaps not the best formula for a cooking blog.

A dear and respected friend candidly told me that my musings were much better than my recipes. This took me back for about two seconds, then I had to agree. I love to cook, but that space is filled, and I had little new to contribute.

Then “poppywalks.com” was born and it was a much better fit. When I scroll through my posts there, I am pleased with some, others I thought were good but got no recognition, some I wondered why I even bothered posting them at all. Probably a microcosm of any crative endeavor.

And now we turn the page on a new chapter. I am recently retired, we moved, purchased a new house, Mrs. Poppy and I decided to collaborate on this blog celebrating another chapter in our lives. If you have followed poppycooks.com or poppywalks.com we invite to continue the journey on https://fouracrewood.com

As mentioned in the “About Us” page … we invite you to join us on this journey, this chapter turning of; retirement, remodeling, resale shops, cooking, gardening, decorating, family, fashion, dogs (see I didn’t forget about Mimsy), and life musings … not because we have any great wisdom or expertise in any of those areas, but because life is best shared. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us that we are not designed to live in solitude.

Tim, Susan, and Mimsy

2 thoughts on “A Chapter Turning (and a new blog)

  1. I always enjoy your writings. It is good when you know the author personally. I can remember the day your Mother found out she was “with child”. (YOU) My, I am OLD!

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