My First Breath

First Breath

I don’t like sudden noises, they make me jump, but I love the constant voice that I hear. That voice sings and talks. I don’t understand any of the words, but they calm me. I hear other voices but they are not the same.

I kick and squirm and the voice grunts.

I am comfortable and warm, but suddenly things change. I have been able to feel pain for months, but nothing like this. There is a compression, a squeezing. I hear the voice call out, a cry of pain. I also feel the pain, the compression, the pressure, but I have no ability to cry. Then suddenly I’m cold,  no longer safe and warm, cool air fills my lungs and I scream and scream until I hear the voice say, “I’ve got you.”

Warm hands hold me, and the voice moves me to her breast.

The voice says words I don’t understand; promise, future, potential, love, grace … and once again I am comfortable and warm.